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Tourist sights

The Sovata reputation is due to the lakes Ursu, Aluniş, Verde, Negru, Roşu, Mierlei and Serpilor, with chlorinated and sodium filled waters, presenting the heliothermic phenomenon.

In Sovata there are a total of six salt water lakes, two with fresh water and another salty lake-turned-bog (Lake Șerpilor). The salted lakes of Sovata are karstic lakes, formed by large or small salt marsh sinkholes, but their formation is also linked to the salt mining in the past. We remark this way: Ursu Lake, Negru Lake, Aluniș Lake, Mierlei Lake, Verde Lake and Roșu Lake as salt water lakes and Paraschiva Lake and Dulce Lake as fresh water lakes.

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Praid Salt Mine

The leisure resort is designed at the "Orizontul 50", which lies at a depth of 120 m from the ground surface. People are transported with the salt mine's bus, over a distance of 1250 m, to the gate of the leisure facility.

Once at the Leisure Resort, you can enjoy the presence of all the amenities necessary to a small community: lighting system, wireless and television, playgrounds for children, creation and recreation areas, ecumenical chapel, café, 3D cinema and a natural products pharmacy. All of these aim to provide recreation for those who want to spend special moments in a pleasant and unique environment.

The average annual temperature underground is of 16 degrees Celsius.

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More informations: www.salinapraid.ro

Praid Salt Mountain

The Praid Salt Canyon presents the salt world at the surface, the various forms of erosion and processes specific to the appearance of salt to the surface. The Canyon is the accessible part of the Salt Mountain Reserve. A hiker will be able to walk the visitation route of about 1.5 km long, stopping at the 9 informative points.

The access to the Praid Salt Canyon: on the road in front of the Praid salt mine we drive towards and beyond the swimming pool for about 900 meters, across the street from the wellness center we will find the entrance to the Canyon, entrance signaled with a banner and traffic signs.

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More informations about Praid Salt Mountain you can find here: www.korpa.ro

Praid Salt Water Swimming Pool

The largest salt water swimming pool in Romania, with a surface area of about 5,200 square meters, opened its doors on Saturday, in Praid (Harghita), the investment amounting to 1.55 million Euros. Currently the salty swimming pool is supplied with salt water pumped from the Gh. Doja mine, from a depth of 150 m. This water, after a standstill of several months in the underground reservoir, acquires a very high salinity, forming a special entertainment attraction because any attempt of swimming fails, and the tourists float helplessly like corks on the surface of the water. Given that the thermal inertia (the ability to maintain the temperature) of the salt water is much higher than that of fresh water, the pool water remains hot even after 2-3 rainy, cool days. These salt baths, by the rarity of the super-concentrated saline water, attract an increasing number of tourists and visitors, both from nearby and abroad, and have, in addition to the salt mine leisure resort, a significant curative and leisure tourism potential.

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Bezid Lake

The reservoir from Bezidul Nou (Bezid Lake) is located in the hilly area on the left side of the river Tarnava Mica, about 2 km from the locality Sangeorgiu de Padure and about 40 km from the municipality Targu-Mures, Mures county. This was founded by building a dam in the valley of the creek Cusmed.

The construction of the dam began in 1975, but work was halted in 1977, then in 1984 the construction process started again and, in 1992, the water level in the reservoir reached its planned height.


If you are diehard fishermen, here you can find peace of mind, because the lake is also known for its variety of fish. The fish wealth of the lake consists of the following species: carp, catfish, bass, perch, rudd, broad snout, bream etc.

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Corund Ceramics

Corund is a village in the western part of the Harghita County, in the Praid Depression.

It is the capital of the Corund commune.

The locality is known as a popular pottery center.

The inhabitants of the commune have varied occupations.

Besides the traditional pottery they also do woodworking, tinder products and peddlary (formerly carts today cars).

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Alunis Ski Slope

The Alunis ski slope is located 8 km from the resort Sovata, on the upper bank of the river Tarnava Mica, in the Praid-Sovata Depression, at the south west foot of the Gurghiu Mountains.
It consists of a large slope and a beginners' trail.

Alunis ski slope:
Is certified by the Ministry of Tourism and has an average degree of difficulty.

Information Alunis ski slope:
Degree of difficulty: average
Length: 1.100 m
Departure altitude: 1.200 m
Arrival altitude: 900 m
Level difference: 300 m
Slope: 28%
Average width: 40 m
Surface: 2 ha
Cable transport: ski lift, cableway and ski baby
Slope capacity: 800-900 people

Slope for beginners:
Difficulty level: minimum
Length: 200 m
Departure altitude: 1.250 m
Arrival altitude: 1.210 m
Level difference: 40 m
Slope: 10%
Surface: 1 ha
Cable transport: baby ski
Slope capacity: 360-400 people

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More informations: www.schi-sovata.ro

Mocănița Sovata

An unforgettable journey awaits you in restaurant train cars for a distance of 14 kilometers between the resort Sovata and the locality Câmpul Cetății, one of the few routes the old locomotive still travels on. The route is part of the old route Târgu Mureș - Praid opened in 1912 and used until 1997, this railway segment being reopened in August 2011.

A journey with the Mocănița between Sovata and Câmpul Cetății is more than a train journey. Traveling at 35 kilometers per hour, a speed that "established" the Mocănița, gives tourists the opportunity to take in some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country. The route goes through dense forests in the Sovata area but also through open plains with views of the mountains in the area. Another thing worth mentioning is that a round trip takes about an hour and a half.

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More informations: www.mocanitasovata.ro

Hiking trails atop Saca Mare

The most popular trail in Sovata is the one surrounding the resort lakes. Following this trail, you can quickly reach the Salt Mountain. Other popular destinations are the Cireșelu Peak or the Saca Hill. There are also longer trails for those who like hiking. Below you will find the list of trails in the Gurghiu Mountains that pass through the Sovata Resort.

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More informations: www.sovatacnipt.ro

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